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Walking in a Wilderness

Walking in a wilderness – a dry and barren land

It was empty  – no life inside

like a fish out of water – stuck in the miry clay

gasping for breath – finding none

looking for rescue – without any hope inside

my feelings whirl around me- like a sand storm

losing my focus – couldn’t see – confused and doubting

would i ever find my way?

being lost in a dense forest – frustrated, not finding the right path

i shout for help, strength, direction

yet the storm rages so loud within – i didn’t hear the Word when it came

i needed water – thirsty and parched

i needed oil – wounded and hurt

i needed light – lost and wandering

Quietly, gently, surprisingly – the rescue came slowly

for i was unaware

i stop – realizing my focus was inward – fretting alone – all on me

i stop – awakening to the turning of my soul towards

the One who had been there all along

My pathway started to come into focus

His gentle touch guiding my way

hearing softly – finally aware of His Word

cleansing and clearly my eyes- lighting the way

one step at a time

Healing oil restoring my heart

an over-flowing river replenishing my strength, my life

my direction – now coming into focus – is to lose my life again

but not in the wilderness of Me – nor to the storms of self-pity

neither to the land of all alone

i lose my self to the GREAT I AM

that is where i found myself  in HIM – my strength, my song

i’m not afraid – i’m not afaid

no longer in fear and doubt – yet reverent fear of HIM

wading deep in the river – He rescued my soul

cleansed and healing my wounds

i partake of the bread of life

restored, thankful, blessed, encouraged – finding my way

overwhelmed – i rest in His peace, His love, His strength

I give thanks to You, O Lord – grace, mercy and love

Inspired by Holy Spirit thru Judy Rutkoske


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