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i just wonder how everything matches up? Are there correlations between comparing your DISC personality, Spiritual gifts, Favorite foods, and Favorite movies, Favorite pastimes, Favorite season, Favorite whatever?  Mine are:

Disc: S  /  Spiritual gift: Serving   / Favorite foods: Potatoes & Dark Chocolate  /  Favorite Movie:  Pride and Prejudice (and most chik flix)   /  Favorite : spending time with family and friends & going for long walks & reading books to my grandkids (looks like i have alot of pastime doesn’t it?)   /  Favorite season: Christmas (then Spring)  /  Favorite whatever: Life and people in general

what do you think? any theories?


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This is my very first blog and thought it appropriate to start with WONDER.  To me it is so awesome to find the wonder in the everyday stuff of life especially through the eyes of a child.  The first time was through my own eyes, picking dandy-lion bouquets for my mom, collecting the coolest looking stones (that I still have), building forts in the middle of bushes, playing hide-n-seek anywhere you can, building with Lego’s and Tinkertoy’s, cooking dinner for the family from your mud-pie kitchen that was in the fort, with my mom’s good pans and utensils (which i still have some of them too), catching poly-wogs in the neighbors pond,  i could go on and on; maybe at another time.   Then after becoming a Mrs.  (yes i choose to do things in the right order: marriage then kids) God blessed me with two awesome kids so i could see all new wonders a second time through their eyes. Some of my personal favorites are splashing in rain puddles with umbrellas in hand so you don’t get rained on, searching for rainbows, dressings Barbie dolls over and over, reading “Value Tales” about a thousand times because “But it’s my favorite story mommy!”, dancing to “Step in Time” (from Mary Poppins) everyday because well who can sit still through that, building with Lego’s and Tinkertoy’s, watching my son and hubby playing army with a ping-pong ball, and i could really keep going on here but i’ll resist the temptation and move on.   Now that i am a grandmother (“Nana” to be exact) , i get to discover the wonder of life for the third time through the eyes of my grandchildren. Four of them so far!  Now as twice before… picking Dandy-lion bouquets, planting green bean plants which they started in school, finding out the grass is “broken” after it just got freshly cut, climbing up the play structure and going down the biggest slide possible, learning how to pump the swing back and forth, stacking blocks just to see them fall, reading “Babies” for they call “again Nana”, having little fingers help put together one of the many “some assembly required” toys, building with Lego’s and Tinkertoy’s (wow I think I’ve seen  that before) and just plain learning to slow down to enjoy every single moment that you can  because it all goes by so incredibly fast, and learning to say please and thank-you to everyone no matter how small.  Life is too awesome i hope i can see new wonders everyday!

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