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 I’m  back, was gone for awhile,  busy with life yet I have been noticing alot in the last year how when in general conversation with friends or family – what are they NOT talking about.  Not thinking of anyone in particular, and no names to protect the innocent; but i seem to hear what they are not talking about…like: divorce, death, hurts , pain, illness, heartache, family, life, careers, children, parents, pets, fears, loves…. whatever is buried inside that is just too hard to talk about. I’ve been trying to listen for what is not being said, and trying to remember to be sensitive to think first before i speak…. praying for wisdom to say an encouraging word that can touch their heart, that just maybe Jesus can use me to speak words of life and healing to those things that are not being said.   Does this make sense? What do you think?


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 But Mary treasured up all these things and “pondered” them in her heart (Luke 2:19).    The Wiktionary defines it as:
  1. To wonder, to think of deeply.
  2. To consider (something) carefully and thoroughly; to chew over, to mull over.

what do you ponder over?   lately for me it seems to be making sure i think over what i say before i say it – thinking what is this person going thru? is what i am about to say helpful or hurtful, silly or serious, loving or just plain mean?

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