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Kitchen Theories

i have some great ideas for keeping my kichen cleaner.  Three things that continue to be the dirtiest; the dishes, the floors, and the hand towels.

1. Dishes: Preface: this isn’t my original idea but it is a great one. First off get rid of all dish cardboards and put in two super large industrial strength diswashers one on each side of the sink; put all the dirty dishes into one then run it and leave the dishes in there. Once you dirty more dishes you put them into the other dishwasher until it gets full. Then you just reverse the system. See no need for the cardboards. Cool Huh!  

2. Floors: all kitchen floors should be made of a heavy gauge stainless steel grates coated with washable rubberized plastic; the holes on the grate should be large enough for liquid spills and food crumbs to fall thru but small enough so that little fingers, small coins and high heels (not that i wear them) won’t get caught. Then underneath could be another stainless steel floor that is slightly slanted with a way of easily rinsing off down a floor drain. Plus, my grandkids heads would bounce instead of thud!

3. Hand Towels: All Kitchens towels should be made of quick drying thick terry cloth with anti-germ stuff built in, and their colors should be a multi-colored brown so when you wipe up coffee drips, or dry wrought pans, or wipe off multi-colored food from high chair trays  – none of it will show on the towels!

that’s it for now – i’ll attack the fridge and stove another time.


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