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The Proverbial “TO DO LIST”

Why is it that when i begin to write a “to do list” it always seems to grow and never get completed. Just when i determine i am going to accomplish everything on it, more things arise that need to go on the list.  and then there is the inevitable items on the list that you just don’t ever get around to or worse … don’t want to do at all!  I have never been so great at prioritizing or setting goals.  Is that from my personality of being an “S” ; “Blue”; “Beaver” (from all the different personality test out there) ?  Or is it that i have too much going on in my life and need to simplify?  Simplify:  that is my main reason i think i currently have so many items on my list for many of the items on my “TO DO LIST” are things i want to clear out and get rid of.   I just realized that as i am writing this i am not getting anything accomplished on my list …oh well… back to my list.  Any suggestions are welcome 🙂


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People can generally make time for what they choose to do; it is not really the lack of available time, but the will to set a priority for the time they have. Time can be the evidence that convicts our soul that our devotion has waned. What does the evidence of time tell you about yourself?   …… This quote was taken from an email i receive every sunday…. it really hit me today between the eyes.  How am i using my time?  Wisely or wastefully?  With the new year coming and the proverbial new years resolutions looming overhead …… i think what will i choose on purpose to spend my time on or will i let life make the choice for me?  how do you determine your time, goals, direction?  For me …. i’ll get back to you!

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Sand and Rest

Last week Harry and I took an awesome 3 day mini-vacation and  I just had to share some of the wonderful little insights that God blow me away with.  First off,  we went to Warren Dunes state park and we were climbing a sand dune that was 240 ft. high.  It was quite difficult walking in the sand, with each footstep sinking inches beneath the surface.  Harry and I were side by side as we struggled to climb the steep hill.   Then a thought came to me, ‘Why not walk behind Harry in his footsteps to see if it was any easier’.    Much to my surprise, it was 10 times easier.   The Lord immedieately impressed me with two thoughts:    1.  “I will go before you and make the rough places smooth.” Isaiah 45:2.  When I follow in His footsteps my life will go smoother, not without struggle , but definitely easier. ( Dee just helped me find the offical verse Number.)   2.  And that when I’m “In Christ”, I can rest from my works and trust in HIM!  (Heb.4:10).  Got a cool picture of it on my phone just got to figure out how to get it here.  more on the vacation later……

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Our awesome son Matt is graduating from Schoolcraft College Culinary Institute. We are so proud of him.  He has worked hard at all his classes and has done exceptionally and expectantly (is that a real word?) well.  Now I know this is going to sound so silly but it still blows my mind that my baby boy is growing up and graduating from college.  He found out today that if he finishes 6 more computer classes, he will also have two assoc. degrees in computers and computer networking ( i think i got that right  – if i  got it straight!).  And he just completed the lead role in a three act drama for the Summer Bible Adventure for kids at his church  – he is so natural at it – i wish you all could of seen him!
Chez Mateo

Chez Mateo

Now also sorta graduating from the ever-challanging world of the renters to the proud and keep you always busy and wallet always open life of home ownership are my wonderful daughter, super duper son-in-law, and two adorable QT Pie granddaughters!  Dee has moved out of our home four times.  First time: she left to get married.  Second time: Her and Daniel had lived with us for a short time to save up to go off to Bible school.  Third time: After coming back from Bible school they moved in and had  baby girl Emma.   And Fourth:  they just stayed with us a couple of weeks to wait for their closing on their new first home and they had Anna Bear this time too.  Now I’m am so excited for them and they are going to have such wonderful home for their little family, but did anyone notice the pattern: everytime Dee moved out she left with one more person!

Here is a Family foto  from our recent vacation.

It was awesome having the whole family together even if it was for such a short time.

Left to right: stupendous hubby Harry, Mr. GQ himsel: Eric, Anna Bear, me, Emma Pooh, amazing Cindy, lovely Lauren, darn right cute Daniel, shy yet super smart Luke, and darling Danielle.  ( marvelous Matt is missing – he had to leave early for the afore mentioned drama practice.)   Have you noticed that i just absolutely love adjectives?

For me and Papa Harry it continues to be very hard to keep having them leave us. We love them all sooooo much.  And I keep telling Matt he can never move out , that way I won’t have to go thru empty nest syndrome.

Anyway, i can’t help feeling like this has been a kind of graduation for me too.  I feel a deep sense of satisfaction  as a mom when i think i  (along with my loving hubby) must of done something right to see our children growing up and turning into self-confident responsible adults (whom i still love doing things for- my #1 spiritual gift is serving).

So what have you graduated from or to? I wonder!

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what is your idea for the perfect vacation?  it is being busy continually sight-seeing everything in the area, a fun filled sea cruise, a northern beach front rental, back packing on a mountain range, …..  and a million other ideas.  what is vacation for?  to be continued………

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i just wonder how everything matches up? Are there correlations between comparing your DISC personality, Spiritual gifts, Favorite foods, and Favorite movies, Favorite pastimes, Favorite season, Favorite whatever?  Mine are:

Disc: S  /  Spiritual gift: Serving   / Favorite foods: Potatoes & Dark Chocolate  /  Favorite Movie:  Pride and Prejudice (and most chik flix)   /  Favorite : spending time with family and friends & going for long walks & reading books to my grandkids (looks like i have alot of pastime doesn’t it?)   /  Favorite season: Christmas (then Spring)  /  Favorite whatever: Life and people in general

what do you think? any theories?

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What this Daddy means to me!

 (Side note: this post was much better an hour ago but just when i went to put my final touches in,  some how i deleted the whole thing- ugh!!!!)

Where do i begin to describe him?  He is my very best friend, a wonderful father, and an awesome Papa!  Several more adjectives come to mind when i think about my Harry:  faithful, loving, caring, loyal, conscientious, hardworker, giving, respectful, witty, Tiger fan, runner, friend, forgiving, thoughtful, gentle, dependable, supportive,  passionate and a  tease!

Sorry Ladies! But i got the best of all the rest, the cream of the crop, my better half, the answer to my love’s duet, most extraordinary husband in the whole world!!!!  EVER!!!!       Need i say more, well as a matter of fact i will.

As a Father, Dad, Daddy :  wonderful  – would do whatever it takes to be there for his kids, Eric, Danielle and Matthew.  Giving them support, wisdom, encouragement, etc.

As a Grandpa, Papa: whatever they want, Papa just melts and says”That’d be fun!”

i love you forver and always, My Harry, Daddy, and Papa!  love, JR


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