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Beholding the beauty of the Lord

Stepping into Your sanctuary, Lord, the place we desire and long to dwell;

humbly we enter Your presence, You’re seen in those we know so well.

We behold Your hands as greeters reach out, and through our Shepherd’s gentle touch.

Your guiding voice comes through Pastor’s message, challenging yet encouraging very much.

Beholding Your glory through worship-filled songs, watching Holy Spirit awaken seeking hearts.

Hearing Your praise rise to the heavens, our spirits are renewed right from the start.

We seek to dwell in Your house, O Lord; receiving amazing Grace and Mercy from You.

You light our way, You give us life; Your salvation’s sure and Your love is true.

We reverently adore, Christ our King; dwelling here content yet yearning more.

We behold Your beauty, Your loving gaze; humbly we bow, yet our spirits soar.

J.R. – 2016



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